asheville view from porch

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here are a couple of shots of the views from my windows.

it sure is purdy up here.

the shots are fuzzy because i shot through the windows’ mesh bug screens or because i bought a crappy camera. i’m not sure.



kinda like wildebeest

October 30 2007

the neighborhood scene on a sunday morning:

the couple across the street are on their porch with one set of parents.

ma and pa are on the porch swing.

the wife is sitting at the feet of her husband.

the husband is on the edge of an adirondack chair playing the guitar.

…i can’t make fun of the scene. it’s just too damn cute.

(sorry, no photo evidence of this because my camera doesn’t zoom in close enough. as an amateur cultural anthropologist, i’ve learned that you can’t get too close to your subjects because you might startle them. i don’t want to get trampled by a smokey mountain men stampede.)

only in asheville ?

October 29 2007


it took a minute for me to grasp what this sign implies.

to me it means that on a couple of weekends a month you can see wiccan witches and warlocks (or is it priests and priestesses?) in orange safety vests picking up coke cans and cigarette butts along patton ave.

…witches and warlocks in orange and black…this serves as my halloween entry.

(sorry, the photo is fuzzy. i took the pic from the car. to be honest, i was a teeny bit freaked out by the possibility of the sign being under 24-hour wiccan surveillance. i bet this sign gets stolen alot. if i were a 13 year old ashevillean, i guarantee i would have swiped one of these for my bedroom.)

another first

October 28 2007


i saw my first hummingbird today, ever.

i read that they were small. but i had no idea.

i thought it was a butterfly.

scandinavian pied piper

October 27 2007

no, this is not video from a weekend in downtown asheville. though i heard there is a weekly drum circle near the town square.

…bjorn… oh, bjorn…

dear readers, if we ever meet and i seem distracted, it’s because i’m thinking about bjorn.

now HE is a radical faerie.

he’s scary and exciting at the same time.

too bad he litters.


this is a true story from new orleans:

my dog didn’t just dig up something in my mother’s backyard. he caught something in my mother’s backyard.

the day after i gave my sister my old computer, mine stopped working. so i brought mine to best buy to get fixed.

i had to go to my mother’s to use my sister’s computer.

i brought my dog. i put him in the backyard and left the french doors open so he could come back in.

after about 20 minutes i hear the dog running up and down the hallway; he’s sprinting back and forth.

i go see what’s going on.

he’s got something in his mouth.

what does he have?

a dove. a fuckin’ dove.

he caught a dove ?!? my dog killed something ?!?

i make him drop it. the bird is still alive.

there is a dazed and confused dove in my mother’s hallway.

i know i’ve got to get the dove out of the house. but i don’t want to touch it because of bird-flu or rabies or whatever. so i get a towel from the bathroom, drop it over the whole bird, then grab it to take it outside.

the bird cooperates. i set it down in a shaded corner of the backyard. the bird does not immediately fly away.

i think ‘oh, shit. the dog really caught and killed a dove.’

i don’t turn back to check on the bird. i couldn’t deal with the consequences. for all i know, the bird is still there.

no blood on the dog or the hallway. but there were a lot of feathers. hopefully he just shook the bird and got it dizzy. so now the bird is back flying around with its other birdie friends.

i can’t return to my mother’s backyard for fear of finding a dove skeleton.

(btw, it was not the white dove of peace or the catholic holy spirit. it was one of those light brown ones, but definitely not a pigeon. again, listen carefully, my dog did not kill the holy spirit!)

also if you ever go to my mother’s house, bring your own towel. the bird-flu infected one is still there somewhere.


scenes from the blue ridge parkway

in another week the colors will be much more vibrant. that’s why i came here.

i can’t wait.

i’m grateful for having a convertible with a full tank of gas in the smokey mountains during fall. that’s what will be going through my mind during grace at thanksgiving dinner.