things i love

October 24 2007

i love when white people are rude to each other.

as i said before, i count as a minority under many different categories. so when white people are rude, nasty or short-tempered to me, i assume it’s just an example of their prejudices affecting their behavior. of course grandpa walton shot the bird at me when i cut him off on the highway because i’m part latino; not because i’m a reckless driver.

whitey runs america. i assume there is an unspoken camaraderie among the powerful. why should they lash out at each other when there are so many of ‘those people’ they can be mean to?

here’s what made me smile today.

i was at linen ‘n things to pick-up an internet order. the manager was having trouble printing my receipt. a good ol’ boy (let’s call him dwayne.) came up to the register and asked, ‘i know you’re busy. but can you tell me if these sheets are a good deal at this price?’

the manager sighed, looked him up-and-down with an evil eye, and said in a dismissive tone, ‘yeah, they’re fine. that’s a great price.’ of course, her evil eye hadn’t looked into his cart to see what type of sheet set he was talking about.

dwayne’s eyes dulled, his shoulders sank and he wheeled himself away to ponder more bedding coordinates. she may have even mumbled, ‘idiot,’ as he walked away.

if the manageress had done that to me, the least i would have done is ask, ‘what did you say?!? i don’t need that kind of attitude from you.’

white-on-white rudeness. i love it.

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