refreshing vacuum haircut

October 17 2007


i just found out today that i have lesbian neighbors.


it’ll be great to have lesbian friends.

they came over to the house today to introduce themselves while i was outside watering my plants. (actually, they are the previous owner’s plants. but she didn’t take them with her.)

am i alone in thinking lesbians are the only people who bought ‘flowbee’ hair trimmers in the early 80’s? how can so many of them end up with the same haircut? what other explanation could there be?

ok, for you young’uns, i quote the official flowbee site:

“Using the suction power of your vacuum cleaner, the FLOWBEE draws the hair evenly into the recessed blades and cuts it precisely. The results are a refreshing vacuum haircut.”

what is the difference between the typical lesbian haircut and the one being modeled in the photo?

none, i say ‘none’.

kate and allie (not their real names) seem very nice. i’ve been in my house a month. but i guess because they have a kid, we don’t have the same schedules since i never see them around.

i had no idea a lesbian couple owned that house. there was no subaru in the driveway.

as i’ve said many times, ‘lesbians love their subarus.’


for $59.95 plus shipping and handling, this is what you get.


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