why start ?

October 11 2007

i’m the chicken
i was thinking about starting a blog.

what happened in the last 2 days makes me think i have to or i won’t remember
half the stuff that goes on.

1. ricky the lawn jockey came to cut the grass.
he said he saw a snake in my yard that barely escaped being cut-up by
his lawnmover.

i have snakes in my yard ?!?

2. the architect of the project told me he’ll probably rent one of my
apartments because
he is selling his house and building one for his himself and his wife
(his partner in the firm) so they need a place to stay as their new
house is built.


so that would mean one place is rented even before construction
begins. and since he might live in the place he’s designing, i hope
that will be an incentive for him to keep on top of the contractor to
ensure good work.

3. i had to stop my car in the street in front of my house because a
possum was crossing the street. a fuckin’ possum, like grannie would
roast on the ‘beverly hillibilles.’

4. at kinko’s tonight i was printing some of the loan documents for
the construction line of credit; a radical faerie with a prince
valiant pageboy haircut was giving me the evil eye.

i need to buy a camera.


i doubt i’ll post this

September 13 2007

the house in new orleans is still on the market. but i moved up to
asheville 2 days ago. i think i will take your advice and keep a log
of the experience, but i doubt i’ll post it online.

so far, i drove up with only clothes and a dog. the poor mercedes was full of
shit. it looked like i’m a migrant farmer in 1930’s depression era
kansas driving across country looking for work.

i will admit that last night i had trouble sleeping because of the
damn bugs and frogs chirping and burping outside the window. i have no
idea what was making so much noise, but it was annoying as hell.

i felt like lucy ricardo in the episode where she first moves to
connecticut from new york city.