i don’t bounce about

September 29 2007


today i played frisbee for the first time since the 70’s..

‘the dog’ swam, or more like bounced about, in a river for the first time.

last september i never could have imagined either of those two things.

if i mention that the reverse ever happens, the dog playing frisbee
and me swimming in a river, please call the local authorities. i’ve
had my expected nervous breakdown.

that goes for river tubing, too.

i like the mountains from a distance unless i get used to all the
bugs and spiders. damn! there are alot of bugs.

but i must admit no roaches.



i doubt i’ll post this

September 13 2007

the house in new orleans is still on the market. but i moved up to
asheville 2 days ago. i think i will take your advice and keep a log
of the experience, but i doubt i’ll post it online.

so far, i drove up with only clothes and a dog. the poor mercedes was full of
shit. it looked like i’m a migrant farmer in 1930’s depression era
kansas driving across country looking for work.

i will admit that last night i had trouble sleeping because of the
damn bugs and frogs chirping and burping outside the window. i have no
idea what was making so much noise, but it was annoying as hell.

i felt like lucy ricardo in the episode where she first moves to
connecticut from new york city.



September 10 2007

a year ago i lived in manhattan at 23rd st and 8th ave.

i went back home to new orleans to close my company because of that damned katrina.

now i’m in asheville, north carolina watching the leaves change color from my rocking chair.

no one has a clear view of their lives or where they’ll end up. it’s hard to be objective about yourself. nevertheless, we all try to manage how we see ourselves and how others see us.

as my momma said ‘te estoy diciendo esto para que sapes lo que ha estado pasando, no para que puedas “distort the info”