my car ate the go-go’s

December 14 2007


my first cassette tape purchases for the ipod touch of its time, a sony walkman, were the go-go’s and the talking heads. the go-go’s album, “beauty and the beat“, was my claim to hipdom. 1981, people. 19 fucking 81.

this week reality slapped me in the face. my aging process seems to be speeding up. i couldn’t lift my head off the bed because of a strained back. then the go-go’s tape i’ve had for 26 years popped.

my car is old enough to have come with a factor-installed tape player. after i listened to ‘we got the beat’, i pressed the button to switch to the other side of the tape. nothing, no music for 5 minutes. i hit the eject button and there was no more magnetic tape to be seen in the plastic case.

my car ate the go-go’s.

i solved the back trouble with muscle relaxers… lovely, lovely things, those pills. they address the problem without calories. double plus goodness.

but the cassette-chewing car is a problem i have yet to solve. i’m scared to stick another tape into the player for fear of losing more of my dwindling stockpile.

i hear that kids now burn cd’s for their cars. can one of you, young’uns, explain to me how bit-torrents work?

thanks in advance.

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