little pink houses for you and me

December 13 2007


that damn hurricane hit over 2 years ago.

lots of people ask me ‘how’s it going in new orleans?’

all the places tourists go are fine. new orleans’ economy runs on the hospitality industry. everyone there would LOVE you to go visit. without the energy of visitors, the locals are apt to keep looking backwards, like miss havisham.

but in the suburbs of new orleans, it’s surreal bureaucracy.

my mother lives in those suburbs. the flood waters washed away soil under the foundation of her house. so foundation cracked from the weight of the house. now the house tilts to one side.

a couple of weeks ago she finally got a letter from the government saying her house qualified for a foundation repair grant.

the approval took 800 days ?!?

here’s the cherry on top:

the letter also said there is presently no money in the redevelopment fund to issue a check; maybe in next year’s budget.


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