whole heap of love

November 22 2007


this cross is on an overpass of highway 240 on riverside dr., asheville.

is this festus related to that ‘gunsmoke’ festus?


or is it related to the modern ‘festivus’ tradition sweeping the country?

at first i thought it might be a memorial for some guy named festus who died during a crystal meth-fueled rampage when his silverado quadcab hit the overpass. (i’m assuming it was a chevy or similar. i’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been a honda ridgeline. those are kinda gay. i don’t see a ‘festus’ driving a girlie truck.) but wouldn’t his mourners put his full name on the cross and the date of death?

so many questions, so few answers.



i’ve lived in the mountains for about 2 months now. do you think that’s related to me thinking that gunsmoke’s festus looks kinda cute in that there photo?

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