the price of fame

November 23 2007


thanks to

they just included me on their list of asheville bloggers.

do you think it’s a coincidence that on the same day i get listed, my car also gets shot at?

no, i don’t think so, either.

my razor-sharp insights into the workings of the smokey mountain man mind have started to ruffle some feathers around here. ‘the man’ (probably a bearded man with a plaid flannel shirt, cargo pants and sports sandals) wants to silence me before i can wake the local populace from its home-brew and american idol stupor to form the activist coalition that will teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

the car was shot with a paintball gun, not a beretta or AK-47. that may make it harder to trace. but after i post this entry, i am straight onto google to find a forensic paintball ammunitions specialist willing to work pro bono.

cher’s character didn’t back down to ‘the man’ in ‘silkwood‘ so neither will i.

if it wasn’t a conspiracy to scare me into silence and just some bored asshole teenager; nevertheless, no stone will be unturned to bring the perpetrator to justice.

by justice, i mean that when i find that little shit i will strip him down and individually pluck every pube from his tiny postpubescent nutsack.

thank you for your support.

see, the green slime is not from a pigeon with diarhea. i found ballistic evidence.

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