as is my nature…

December 3 2007


my car getting shot at has made me reflect quite a bit on the situation i’ve created for myself.

the most important thing i’ve confirmed is that i am NOT running away from a tough situation. if my car got tagged because of my race, creed, gender or sexual proclivities, my attitude is ‘bring it on, mutha-fucker. bring it on.’

come up to the house, ring the doorbell and tell me to my face that you’ve got a problem with me.

as is my nature, i will politely listen to what you’ve got to say. who knows, you may have some insight that hasn’t crossed my mind.

unless that happens, i’m not changing one thing about my life.

i worked like a dog to afford a house and a fancy car (please refer to anthony hopkins’ character in ‘remains of the day‘).

i’m not getting rid of them. and asheville is not easily getting rid of me.

so ‘suck it’, mr. shooter. i’ve got things to do.



chamber pop

December 2 2007


does everyone know about this musical classification?

while digging through, i saw the genre, chamber pop. i’d never heard of the category before.

here’s the quote from wikipedia:

Modern baroque pop, characterized by an infusion of orchestral arrangements or classical type composition within an indie or indie pop setting, is often referred to as CHAMBER POP, and sometimes chamber rock. This style, leaning heavily in an indie-rock direction, has sometimes been identified as a common feature of many of the most influential and widely-known indie bands in Canada; many of these bands are quite large for rock outfits and make full use of the additional personnel to create a fuller-bodied, more orchestral sound.

it seems the genre covers: arcade fire, the national, antony and the johnsons, sigur ros, interpol, rufus wainwright, etc. etc.

i like them because all their music seems to written in a minor chord.

please buy some music from antony and the johnsons. quirky souls like him deserve to be rewarded, not fergie or maroon 5.



here’s a little gossip for you:

rufus and i went to the same gym in new york…probably the gayest gym in the tri-state area. we both liked to relax in the sauna after our training sessions. that’s where i noticed his little buddha belly… very cute.

he’s a belter in concert, kinda like ethel merman. but his strong diaphragm is hidden under rolls.

rufus rolls.




a quick dedication

November 28 2007


this entry is dedicated to lil’ ray-ray.

see, ray-ray, i understand the kind of energy you’re trying to put out into the world.


scandinavian pied piper

October 27 2007

no, this is not video from a weekend in downtown asheville. though i heard there is a weekly drum circle near the town square.

…bjorn… oh, bjorn…

dear readers, if we ever meet and i seem distracted, it’s because i’m thinking about bjorn.

now HE is a radical faerie.

he’s scary and exciting at the same time.

too bad he litters.

why start ?

October 11 2007

i’m the chicken
i was thinking about starting a blog.

what happened in the last 2 days makes me think i have to or i won’t remember
half the stuff that goes on.

1. ricky the lawn jockey came to cut the grass.
he said he saw a snake in my yard that barely escaped being cut-up by
his lawnmover.

i have snakes in my yard ?!?

2. the architect of the project told me he’ll probably rent one of my
apartments because
he is selling his house and building one for his himself and his wife
(his partner in the firm) so they need a place to stay as their new
house is built.


so that would mean one place is rented even before construction
begins. and since he might live in the place he’s designing, i hope
that will be an incentive for him to keep on top of the contractor to
ensure good work.

3. i had to stop my car in the street in front of my house because a
possum was crossing the street. a fuckin’ possum, like grannie would
roast on the ‘beverly hillibilles.’

4. at kinko’s tonight i was printing some of the loan documents for
the construction line of credit; a radical faerie with a prince
valiant pageboy haircut was giving me the evil eye.

i need to buy a camera.