Jill Bolte Taylor, neuroanatomist

March 25 2008


i went to 12 years of catholic school. so, of course, now i don’t practice any religion. i’m kinda like the guys who work at baskin-robbins that don’t eat ice cream after the first week on the job…

…it’s just too much.

but even wayward christians seem to go to church on easter.

the holiday and last week’s obama speech on race have me thinking about the power of the spoken word.

when i saw this video of ms. taylor, it reminded me of the passion and desire to connect with your fellow brothers and sisters that a good revival meeting can inspire.

her speech is not religious per se; but it does remind me of the emotional power an inspired preacher, or speaker in her case, can bring to an audience.

i teared-up listening to her because i felt the intensity of the self-revelation she was trying to explain and remind us of.

Brava to her
kumbaya to you

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