of course we’re in recession

February 9 2008


math makes me sleepy.

insomnia has been my bed partner for 15 years. she’s a bitch. but i’m used to having her around by this point. besides rozerem, one sure thing to drain her power over me is math.

looking at a spreadsheet or a financial report is an instant yawn inducer. i’d rather have a root canal surgery than do a page of calculus problems.

this is just to say i am no judge of the economic indicators of whether the US is in recession or not. rumor has it that we are.

today i got practical evidence that the gloomy economists are right.

the chair i won on ebay came today by UPS.

no one bid against me on the item. so i got a $600 chair for $130. that is my first clue.

then the seller decided he didn’t want to spend money on packaging. that is the second clue. the fucker just taped the chair in a layer of bubble wrap (one layer, i want to note.) and slapped a shipping label on the seat.

but here’s the main reason i know times are hard.

UPS accepted the chair for shipping!

The UPS store clerk must have been so happy to have any customer he didn’t laugh the seller out of the store for his half-assed wrapping. the clerk just smiled, said ‘thank you, sir. PLEASE come again.’ and accepted the chair.

oh, brother.


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