free at last, free at last

January 21 2008

in the grand of tradition of twisting political speech into a pretzel of half-truths and partisan spin, i present a self-serving excerpt from martin luther king’s ‘i have a dream’ speech:

“…sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, “Free at last! free at last! thank Dog* Almighty, i am free at last!”

why bastardize the words of the civil rights leader on the memorial day of his life’s work?

well… besides being topical, it’s the best way for me to express the relief and joy i feel at having gotten a permanent home for ‘lil TT.

now the only thing biting, snarling and peeing in the house is me.

thanks to ‘mrs. e’ for adopting ‘lil TT.

i’ve been accused of not bonding with ‘lil TT because of my subconscious misogyny.
…i’m not paying for therapy again. so i guess we’ll never know.

what i do know is “free at last, free at last!”

here is my description of TT and i’s last moments together:

i met mrs. e at the vet’s office last night.
she got there before me. the whole fucking receptionist staff was also waiting.
6 mountain women in their puppy-and-kitten print scrubs were waiting to see the blind date between mrs. e and TT.
when mrs. e held TT for the first time, some of those receptionists started to tear up.
no joke.
i think the staff waited for me to get there so they could see this first meeting because 10 minutes after i got there 4 of the receps went home.
these mountain people are extremely sentimental or they got nothing better to do.
bye-bye, TT. i guess i luv ya, but my cold, cold heart won’t let me admit it.
(*as many a lesbian’s bumper sticker has taught me,
‘god spelled backwards is dog’)
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