bang the drum slowly

January 19 2008

i wrote about bongo playing the other day. so to continue with the percussive instrument theme, i thought i’d share this video.

this film has nothing specifically to do with asheville, new orleans or new york.

but if you want to infer widespread, cross-cultural anthropological meaning from a half-a-second snapshot of people doing some arbitrary activity, feel free. that’s what i did.

here’s what i found out:

  • your own kids are cute; other people’s, not so much.
  • teenagers are sullen little shits.
  • women get a new burst of energy after menopause.
  • not many sullen little shits make it to their 90’s.

my favorites were:

  • 26
  • 37
  • 49
  • 53
  • 73
  • 78
  • 83
  • 91
  • 98
  • 100

special shout-outs to #91 and #100. you, ladies, rock.


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