brad pitt tastes bad

January 7 2008


sorry, i meant to say, ‘brad has bad taste’.

his commitment to rebuild a part of the 9th ward area of new orleans is admirable. my sister and i went to see the ‘pink houses’ during our christmas visit. there was an exhibit on view to highlight the development process of the proposed home designs to go up in the area.

most were novel approaches to building on the flood-prone, long, narrow lots typical of new orleans.

the model shown above is the one i think is in bad taste.

katrina pushed, pulled and upended everything in that particular neighborhood. why would building a house that looks like it’s cracked in two be a good idea? it’s too soon for architectural irony… too soon.

in 10 years when the original owners sell, that area is going to be one super hot neighborhood.

here are the other house designs.



a couple of days before we went to see the development. my aunt went. she was driving around the area. a lady stopped her and asked if she had a minute talk.

she said ‘sure’.

exit p.r. assistant; enter mr. pitt. he asks my aunt, ‘are you having a good day? yes? great, i’d glad to hear it. bye.’

thanks to that slighty strange conversation, you, dear reader, are now only 5 degrees separated from maddox.

how cool is that?

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