a creole christmas

January 5 2008


i went back to new orleans for christmas.

new orleans is a wonderful place, a radiant phoenix rising out of the swamps.
(the cynical among you may think my cheerleading has to do with trying to sell my fucking condo there. shame on you. i excrete sincerity.)

i drove down with my sister who also lives in north carolina. she hadn’t been down for 2 years. one of our goals was to get a sense of the state of the city.

the most heartening single development i saw was on world famous st. charles ave.

borders is renovating the termite-infested former bultman funeral home. i know most people would prefer to keep the avenue all residential. but the location has been commercial forever. so the building, as it was, could have easily become a chinese buffet or a t-shirt shop.

that reno is going to cost a fortune, bless their hearts.


more stuff about 2007 new orleans to follow.


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