the blizzard of ’08

January 4 2008


i experienced my first snowfall in the asheville mountains this tuesday.

i lived in the snow country of japan for 2 years. i never got a day-off then because of snow. those people don’t let a blizzard, let alone 2 inches of snow, keep them from work. before i got a car, i had to bicycle in the snow to get to work. they’re the #2 economy in the world for a reason. those bitches don’t play.

after 10 years in new orleans, LA and orlando, i got as nervous and excited as any other snow virgin.

i was too scared to drive the car, terrified of driving on ice with summer tires. so i had a snow day with the dogs. the older dog was confused for a minute. but he was running around like gazelle on coke for the rest of the day. the puppy just licked at the snow a bit, pissed and whined to go back inside.

another example of youth wasted on the young.


i’m not saying people around here have no common sense. i’m just curious why the gas company employee who came to the house to mark the underground gas lines prior to construction on the garage sprayed the yellow lines on the snow.

this is not antarctica. there is no permafrost.

the snow will be done in a day; won’t the pipeline marks be as well? if the contractor cuts a gas line and my house explodes, i’ll sue…

…right after i get out of the hospital.

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