2007 ends with a (dog’s) whimper, not a bang

January 2 2008

no, it is not a stigmata

my friend in new york asked me if i got laid on new year’s.

that didn’t happen. but i did get fucked.

first, a little background:
my sister is an over-educated, over-worked, underpaid social worker. a typical bleeding heart liberal …not that there is anything wrong with that, bless her heart.

she lost her dog a couple of months ago. so we’ve had lots of dog-centered conversations lately.

while we were driving down to new orleans together for christmas, she got a call from a friend who found an abandoned puppy and needed someone to take it in.

that’s where i come in.

it was ‘a perfect storm‘. my dog is great. i’m bored being ‘semi-retired’. i had been thinking about doing volunteer work. it was the middle of the holiday season. and puppies are cute.

so i said i’d take the dog.

that’s when i got fucked. i fucked myself, actually.

i got ‘lil’ T.T.‘ on the 1st.

so far, i’ve been bitten three time. my hardwood cherry floors are stained with pee. and i’ve had to pick-up the most disgusting poop i ever had the displeasure to see.

she is a snarling, moody mess of white fur. she’s an orphan from the wrong side of the tracks. so i’m giving her some slack.

my patience will last as long as this box of band-aids does.

i should have taken up golf instead.


( i am acting the martyr today. but, no, the pic is not of my stigmata.
it’s dog bite damage.)

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