christmas new orleans style

December 21 2007


i’m off to new orleans for christmas.

please don’t rob my house while i’m gone. i have no cash or jewels laying about anyway. but there are 20 lbs. of purina one, chicken flavor, in the pantry if you’re really hungry.

i don’t have a laptop. and my mother doesn’t own a computer even though she inadvertently came up with the name for this blog.

so no blog entries from me for a while.

for 2008 i wish all of yall, health, happiness and a cheaper, faster iphone.

i’m probably turning ‘mac’ this coming year, the chinese year of the rat. can’t wait.

it’s a little early, but


my fucking condo is still for sale in new orleans.

here’s a deal for all my ‘distort the info’ readers:

close on my house before 01/30/08 and get a 10% rebate on the purchase price.

i’m not kidding. i’ll give you the money in new $100 bills so you can lay them out on your bed and roll around in them like demi moore in ‘indecent proposal’.

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