…and a diet coke, please.

December 19 2007

to me it seems i’ve been complaining a lot.

this is an attempt to see the brighter side of life in asheville.

there are lots of good restaurants here, a mix of healthy, friendly places to fight the onslaught of chain restaurants.

so far, i’ve really enjoyed:

early girl eatery
india garden
thai basil

so as not to appear to be a representative of the local restaurant association, let me tell you where not to go:

laughing seed cafe

in my humble opinion, it was an overrated disappointment. i went twice to make sure it wasn’t a fluke on the first visit. maybe the reason their bar area is so big is because drunken people won’t notice how ‘blah’ the food is. i’d rather get something at the salad bar at greenlife and donate the difference in price to charity.

i know it’s a popular place. please don’t hurt me.

but, trust.

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