don’t tread on them

December 17 2007


don’t fuck with the avett brothers !


that’s the second most important lesson i’ve learned about living peacefully among the locals of WNC.

the most important lesson is not to go to ingle’s between 5pm to 6:30pm on a weekday. the first and last time i did that it took 45 minutes in line to buy 3 items. people started to get testy; itching for a fight.

i’d rather pay CVS prices.

i complained about the lack of musical options on local radio. the original visuals (which i have since revised), not the written part, on the post may have implied that the avetts were part of the problem. let’s be clear. i did NOT write any such thing.

i heard grumblings of torches and being tied up like a pig for slaughter if i even look at the avetts funny; let alone question their sanctity.

again, i didn’t say nothin’ ’bout them boys.

please don’t hurt me.

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