“into the wild”

December 12 2007

i love to cry at the movies.

the theatre’s dark. no one can see you. no judgements. the huge screen envelops you into a space where it’s ok is cry. but it only happens if you lose yourself into the world of the director.

when desiring a good crying jag, see:

the sweet hereafter
finding neverland
hadashi no gen
the shawshank redemption
four weddings and a funeral (for my gay fans)

now add to that, ‘into the wild’

i resisted seeing the movie because i thought it would be a self-flagellational rant about the evils of our consumerist society. it’s written and directed by sean penn. so it’s a easy assumption.

but i thought it was an earnest attempt to express the effects of yearning and regret. it’s been playing in asheville for quite a while for a small indie film. thematically i completely understand how the film would connect to an ashevillean’s sensibility.

anyway, i cried like a baby.

feel free to analyze my emotional tripwires based on these movies. any insights you have will be appreciated.


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