like julia roberts in ‘pretty woman’

December 10 2007

i love ‘before and after’ pictures.

…the power of transformation.

it doesn’t matter the topic. i have to buy any magazine with a ‘before and after’ segment …architectural digest, glamour, national enquirer, star magazine… popular mechanics; whatever it is. i am drawn to it like an ashevillean to a sports sandal.

a plain, fat girl transformed into a hillary duff clone.
a crack den transformed into a trendy, urban loft.
a bobo mercedes transformed into a pope mobile.

why is this on my mind?

“raking autumn leaves” before:

“raking autumn leaves” after:

i hope the neighbor lady is proud of me.

the rake is now for sale on craigslist.


of course, i didn’t rake the leaves. todd did.
thanks, todd (the henry higgins of landscaping).

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