the whole thing

December 6 2007

tum tum hurt much much

up until the last 10 minutes, the dog and i had been having a grand ol’ time.

he was starting to understand that ‘playing fetch’ involves returning the ball to me, not just chasing, catching and then spitting it out.

then it happened.

i took off my gloves to get the leash out of my pocket. one of the gloves fell to the ground. the dog promptly ate it.

no, he didn’t just rip it up. he ate the entire glove.

i’m not fast enough to catch a dog. i offered dog-training treats in exchange for the glove. but the dog could not have cared less. he had a genuine leather glove. he probably thought to himself, ‘i don’ need no stinken kibble. i got your glove, mutha-fucka!’

can dogs digest leather?

i guess we’ll find out in a couple of days.


i don’t know why, but having the dog’s internal dialogue sound like al pacino in ‘scarface‘ just seems appropriate.

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