romance gray

December 4 2007


i don’t know if the kids still use this term in japan, but when i lived there the term ‘romance gray’ described a man just past middle age whose graying temples, taut belly and dandy swagger make him quite the heartthrob among the ladies.

i came up with a term for asheville’s version of this guy. i call the type a ‘smokey joe’.

i’m on friendly terms with a smokey joe at the dog park. we’re on the same dog playing schedule. so i see him a few times a week. he’s chatty, the type of guy who can talk to anyone about anything.

straight, single and likes pets; these elements combine to make a babe magnet around here.

after a certain age, the female ashevillean doesn’t seem to care about a beer belly and dirty clothes as long as all the major parts are in working order.

some days he seems to have the juices flowing of every post-menopausal hetero-woman in the park. there is a lot of eyelash fluttering, hair primping and smile flashing going on.

how did i notice what’s happening?

well, i can only watch a dog chase a ball and chew on a stick for about 10 minutes. after that, i need other distractions.

my hope is that this smokey joe uses his power for good instead of evil.


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