as is my nature…

December 3 2007


my car getting shot at has made me reflect quite a bit on the situation i’ve created for myself.

the most important thing i’ve confirmed is that i am NOT running away from a tough situation. if my car got tagged because of my race, creed, gender or sexual proclivities, my attitude is ‘bring it on, mutha-fucker. bring it on.’

come up to the house, ring the doorbell and tell me to my face that you’ve got a problem with me.

as is my nature, i will politely listen to what you’ve got to say. who knows, you may have some insight that hasn’t crossed my mind.

unless that happens, i’m not changing one thing about my life.

i worked like a dog to afford a house and a fancy car (please refer to anthony hopkins’ character in ‘remains of the day‘).

i’m not getting rid of them. and asheville is not easily getting rid of me.

so ‘suck it’, mr. shooter. i’ve got things to do.


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