autumn bites me in the…

December 1 2007


i’ve raved about the beauty of the smokey mountains in more than one entry.

i still maintain that the last couple of months have been a pleasure to experience… pretty, pretty and more pretty.

now it’s time to pay the piper. autumn has turned to bite me in the ass.

there is about a half inch layer of leaves covering the yard. i thought i’d wait for them to turn into mulch on their own. but so far nothing’s happened. i guess my trees are all the anti-spontaneous-decaying-into-mulch varieties.

the neighbors have started to notice.

i did sweep the porch once. and wouldn’t you know it, the next door neighbor, a lovely woman by the way, saw me and walked over with a rake in her hand.

‘hi. would you like this? i have an extra one.’

‘uhh, well, i… uhh…’

‘please take it. i don’t need it back. i have 2. by the looks of it, you don’t have any.’

‘uhh, well, i… uhh…’

‘here, please, it’s fine. nice to see you. byeeeeee.’


i guess i have to go rake the yard now.

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