lone gunman theory

November 29 2007


thanks to everyone for their advice about what to do about my shooter.

here is some of the advice i’ve gotten so far:

  • move back to new york
  • sell the fancy car
  • change from a louisiana to a north carolina license plate
  • buy night vision goggles for a stake-out
  • stop blogging about the neighbors
  • hurry up and get the garage finished

these are all under advisement.

meanwhile, i remain on the lookout for the perpetrator(s).

if you see a teenager that looks like (s)he has ever even thought of holding a paintball gun, go ahead and kick him in the balls. he may not have shot my car, but i’m sure he’s done something worth getting busted for.

a preemptive strike, as the bushies would say.

the ball-busting won’t work on a girl, so just call her ‘fat’.
that will hurt just as bad.

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