buggy butt

November 19 2007


in new orleans you can take a 30 minute carriage ride around the french quarter for $10 a person. maybe because historically the buggy was there first, car drivers are very patient when stuck behind one of these. i lived and worked in the french quarter for 15 years. i never heard a driver using his horn to try to get a slow-moving carriage out of the way.

there are no horse and buggy tours in downtown asheville, not yet anyway. but i did notice a similarity in driver patience.

at about 4pm this past friday, 2 cyclists were riding together on broadway st taking up a whole lane of traffic. here’s the thing, not one car in the caravan stuck behind them leaned on its horn to try to get them out of the way.

again, as a gay, i don’t mind watching lycra-encased buttocks pump up and down for a couple of blocks. but i think it’s interesting that neither did the bubba in the pick-up, the lesbian in the SUV, or the dreadhead in the old volkswagen…

…very interesting.



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