big value meal deal

November 9 2007


alot of people tell me, ‘you’re going to love asheville.’ this is a direct quote from at least 6 people on different occasions.

i was sweeping the porch one day. my postman stopped his van. he got out of the vehicle to introduce himself and say, ‘nice to meet you…(blah, blah, blah)… you’re going to love asheville.’

it’s probably a reflection of my unfriendly nature that i had never ever said more than ‘hello’ to any of my mail carriers until that day. the fact that he made a special effort to assure me that i’m going to like living here still blows my mind a bit.

this past week gave me a glimpse into why so many people are enthralled by the city. the photo above is the view from a taco bell in asheville. i may not be able to identify any of the trees in the picture. but, at least, i do know that in fall they are gorgeous, whatever they are.

even little minions, who can only spend $2.38 on 2 bean burritos and a diet coke, have lunch in front of a $1,000,000 view.

i know the exact price of lunch at taco bell because i too am a lil’ minion.

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