November 8 2007

here’s the latest wild menagerie report from my backyard:

the holes in the flower garden are from voles
(please google, if necessary. i had no idea what they were.)

possum eating out of a dog bowl.
(yes, the bowl was outside. i didn’t know no better.)

wild turkeys walking from one side of the city to the other.
(the neighbor says they’re protected by law so traffic has to stop to let them pass. apparently last year there was a convoy of 10 parading down my street.)

owl flies away with a cat
(ok, i personally didn’t see that happen. but another neighbor swears that’s what happened to his wife’s cat. he said some owls have over 3 foot wingspans. it was a runty cat, but still… a cat?)

should these things be happening in 21st century america?

i thought we killed off everything with a combination of ddt, mc donald’s styrofoam containers and aquanet…

…well, except for squirrels, pigeons and roaches.

the only animal i wouldn’t mind seeing in the backyard is a pushimi-puulyu.

‘dr. doolittle’ starring rex harrison, not the lame eddie murphy version, used to come on all the time when i was little. i would watch the beginning, get bored and start flipping channels. so i would almost always miss the part when the pushmi-pullyu showed up.

oh!…and the giant snail. i loved the inside of the giant snail.

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