photography project

November 2 2007


ok, i’ve barely been able to get any use out of this camera i bought.

so i decided to use it for a little project.

without changing my daily routine, i’m gonna photograph every subaru i see for 1 week.

why do this?
well, there are an unusual amount of these running around the city. i want to make sure i’m not just seeing the same one over and over again, as though i’m bill murray in ‘groundhog day.’

if there is only one subaru, then my ‘lesbians love subarus’ hypothesis is undermined. there are a lot of lesbians here. they all can’t be riding the bus. my idea will not go down without a fight.

by the way, did you know that the female lead of ‘groundhog day,’ ms. andie macdowell, is a resident of asheville?

what if my project uncovers a sinister andie-macdowell-subaru-space-time-continuum conspiracy?
i’ll be like a main character in ‘all the president’s men.’

if possible, i’d like to be the robert redford character from the movie, not the dustin hoffman one, please.

no, offense, dustin… but come on …given a choice… i gotta go with robbie.


oh, oh…’lesbians riding a bus’ brings to mind the 2005 tv movie ‘riding the bus with my sister’ led by rosie o’donnell [a lesbian] and co-starring…, wait for it,

… ms. andie macdowell.

something’s going on. all these things can’t be a coincidence.

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